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Pacific Crest Trail 2011

§ 3 Responses to Photos

  • Kevin O'Leary says:

    Aurelie and Isabelle,
    My friend Michael and I drove you down to Independence on the 3rd of July. It was great to get to know both of you and I hope that my daughters learn to love to hike and love the mountains as mush as both of you do. Please keep me posted on your progress. You WILL make it to Canada. All the best!

  • Lysiane Rochat says:

    Wow! respect! Impressive pictures!
    Take care

  • Kevin says:

    Aurelie and Isabelle,
    You just went thru the Mt. Lassen/Mt. Shasta area, where I grew up, and it made me feel great to know that you have made it that far. I know the thoughts of quitting are growing larger but I do hope you find the willpower to push those thoughts aside and the strength to continue to the end. Canada is out there ladies and I know you can do it! Keep trekking!

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